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Ludem Dare 44: Everyone's in a basement for 48 hours!

No sunlight... no problem -- let's make a game in two days!

Ludum Dare takes place over the weekend: from Friday night to Sunday night. Participants vote for a week on a theme announced Friday at 6pm. After that, you have 48 hours to make a game!

Come to Babycastles at 5pm to meet other jammers and optionally join a team. Jammers without experience are welcome and encouraged to participate! Artists, musicians and writers can team up with programmers, make a non-digital game or use the jam time to learn a beginner-friendly tool like Twine, Scratch, Puzzlescript or Flickgame.

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Kick Off (5pm, Fri)
Jammers arrive, view ludum dare's online keynote, hear a how to game jam by Mostafa Haque and a keynote and theme announcement by Sam Eng

Orientation (6pm, Fri.)
Form teams together based on skills, goals, opinions on Mario, etc
(if you have a team or are working alone you would be welcome to start jamming!)

Jam (7pm, Fri.)
Make a game!!!

Halftime Party (7pm, Sat.)
Take a break with some VGM, cartoons/anime, and let's order pizza

Presentation & Free Play (7pm, Sun.)
Present your games, how ever much you come up with!

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Everyone is invited to the keynotes and presentations whether you're jamming or not! Participants are invited to stay in the space for the entire jam, but they can also move to their own venues after the theme is announced.

Overnight working and eating in the space are permitted. Sleeping on the floor is permitted if you want to have a marathon style jam (sleeping bag recommended). There are lots of food options nearby (bagels, pizza, delis, taco truck, 24-hour donuts, and everything else around 14th street).

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