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5 Years of Chinese Indie Games: Making, Publishing, and Players

Going together with YEAR OF THE PIG exhibition, we invited 4 guests to talk about the emerging environment for Chinese indie games in the past few years! Topics cover publishing, production and the variety of players in China.

The range of subjects include the introduction and inside look of international publishers such as Steam China, TapTap, 66RPG, Bilibili; The management experience of an oversea indie game studio; and local games specifically appeals to female players.

The intention of this panel is to unveiled the mystery of Chinese indie game industry. For the local games ready to go global, and for the oversea games that are expected to come into the Chinese market, our guests will talk about the characteristics of Chinese players and publishers, the brief history of this fascinating local industry, and moreover, the unique culture value behind it.

☷☷☷☷ Chao Jin ☷ Panelist ☷☷☷☷
Jin Chao is a game designer at Dots where she designs and prototypes new stylish mobile games. Jin is her last name, Chao is her first name. Prior to Dots, she studied at NYU Game Center where she focused on experimenting immersive technologies in games. She also worked with Tilting Point, NYC Media Lab, ESPN, and Viacom. Before she came to the United States, she worked at Tencent as a game designer on PC online games and mobile games. She is a fan of game literatures. She introduced How Games Move Us: Emotion by Design into China.

☷☷☷☷ Kurt Young ☷ Panelist ☷☷☷☷
Kurt is the founder and CEO of Mokuni LLC. Mokuni is a New York based gaming company producing family friendly video games and educational games.

Since 2013, Kurt has been leading Mokuni team to develop and publish mobile game projects. Their game “Kitty in the Box” has been featured on major platforms including the App Store, Google Play, Amazon and Microsoft Store, and has tens of millions of downloads. Kurt is an active member of the NYC gaming community, he has spoke at various industry events hosted by FMX, Tribeca Film Festival, Google, Microsoft, Unity, Boston Fig, and IGDA.

Kurt holds a MFA in Computer Art degree from the School of Visual Arts. Prior to founding Mokuni, he has worked professionally as a game developer and visual development artist in Shanghai.
Twitter: @Kurt_Young

☷☷☷☷ Jingyu Sui ☷ Panelist ☷☷☷☷
Jingyu Sui is a Chinese female game developer with education & philosophy background, graduated with M.S Games for Learning in New York University.

Aside from her research and training in designing learning games, she also create digital and analog games that address personal experience as well as emotional interactions for players to share and heal. She advocated for the therapeutic potential of games at GDC 2019.

She is interested in exploring social emotional skills, mental health, mortality and meaning of life.
Twitter: @Jingyu_S

☷☷☷☷ Eddy Hu ☷ Moderator ☷☷☷☷
Eddy Hu (DGSpitzer) is an indie game designer, coder & music composer located in NYC. He received his MFA in Computer Art from the School of Visual Arts back in 2016.With 10+ years experience of working in game development and music, his games utilize peaceful artistic concepts within a unique art form of synesthesia.

The animated shorts he scored were screened at more than 50 film festivals all over the world in several countries. He also composed music for indie games and new media installations, such as " The Disappearing Of Gensokyo" by MyACG Studio and ORIENS by AXISTUDIO.

His new solo project "The Con Simulator", published by Bilibili, is currently in development.

7:30 Doors open
8:00 Panel starts

All ages. Open to public
Event flyer by Phil Cao