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Since 2009, Babycastles has pioneered the world's first dedicated video game exhibition space in Queens, established internationally celebrated video game exhibition spaces in Manhattan and in Brooklyn, and produced video game exhibitions in partnership with world-class art institutions including MoMA, Telfair Museums, the Museum of the Moving Image, American Museum of Natural History, Brooklyn Academy of Music, SFMOMA, Science Gallery, & La Gaité Lyrique.

Babycastles is working to open their most ambitious project - Babycastles Gallery, a long-term, three to five year exhibition space for contemporary independent video games in New York City, beginning in 2014.

Ways to help ♕

If you are somebody that has benefited from Babycastles projects in New York City, and you know you will share the values of stable public venue in New York City in which to exhibit and celebrate independent and experimental video games, Babycastles needs your involvement at this time. This initial year is the most crucial of our fundraising programs, and we rely on the most enthusiastic supporters in this emerging form culture. In the years to come, you will always be recognized as a founder of Babycastles Gallery.

Memories ♕

Some of our favorite events



Spacecruiser exhibition at the Museum of Natural History in 2012, in which Babycastles brought together game developer Ivan Safrin, musicians Greg Fox & Stephin Merritt (Magnetic Fields), and filmmaker Mike Anderson to produce a 200-person co-operative space flight simulator, which was the first independent video game produced specifically for a planetarium. This exhibition reached a single-night, sold out audience of several hundred 21+ attendees.

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Meowton: A Whole Town

Meowton: A Whole Town, an exhibition of independent video games embedded in the architectural structures of a cat-sized village, complete with a prison, drive-through, town hall, condominium development, and museum of modern art (MeowMA). This exhibition reached an audience of 18,690 attendees of all-ages at the La Gaité Lyrique in Paris, France.

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Babycastles Summit

Babycastles Summit

Babycastles Summit at the Museum of Art & Design brought together world renowned game designer icon Keita Takahashi, immersive visual technologist Clement Shimizu, game developer Ivan Safrin, and sculptural artist Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt, full of exclusive, original video game works, including a 20-screen side scroller and 3D-pac man that enjoyed international acclaim. This exhibition reached a single weekend, sold-out audience of 480 all-ages attendees.

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Frequently asked questions about our Memberships based fundraising program.

Supporters ♕

Babycastles Heroes!

Thank you for becoming a founding member of Babycastles Gallery.

  • Aaron and Christina Isaksen
  • Maxwell Neely-Cohen
  • J.D. Cohen
  • Zach Gage
  • Vikram Subramanian
  • Dustin Long
  • John Scanlan
  • Francis Tseng
  • John Sharp
  • June Malone
  • Eric Zimmerman
  • Emily Ng
  • Sharon Denning
  • Kevin Cancienne
  • Joseph Mauriello
  • David Shuff
  • Jasmine Idun Lyman
  • Christian Howard
  • Andy Wallace
  • Matt Albrecht
  • panos koutsoyannis
  • Rebecca Mir
  • Matthew Gatland
  • Yussef Cole
  • Hayden Cacace
  • Don Behm
  • John Bruneau
  • Liza Pantschenko
  • Andrew Ritchie
  • Alex Ragona
  • Malte Skarupke
  • Colleen Macklin
  • Clyde Shaffer
  • Nadav Lipkin
  • Phoenix Perry
  • Robert Dionne
  • Ilya Zarembsky
  • Toni Pizza
  • Eric Lippe
  • Chad Toprak
  • Emery Martin
  • Christopher DiMauro
  • Colin Atrophy Hagendorf
  • john malaska
  • Harry John Shephard
  • paul christophe
  • Jonah Wallerstein
  • Jess Haskins
  • Piotr Maj
  • Stephen Branch
  • Joffre Molina
  • Martha Hipley
  • Pat Ashe
  • Elizabeth Simmons
  • Corrine Brown
  • Thomas Lupia
  • Gizelle Money-Behan
  • Clay Shirky
  • Joe Ishikura
  • Ben Serviss
  • Christopher Paretti
  • Andy Wallace
  • Eli Dvorkin
  • Stephen Clark
  • Nikita Mikros
  • Amani Naseem
  • Samuel Abram
  • A good bear

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