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Social Media Breakup Coordinator


Sat Feb, 16 ~ 
Opening and talk w/ Jacqueline Mabey, Curator and Co-founder of the art + feminism editathon. 
Sun Feb, 17 ~ 
One on One w/ Caroline 
Sat Feb, 24 ~ 
U2F for you, hardware 2-factor authentication w/ David Huerts 
Sat Mar, 2 ~ 
One on One w/ Caroline 

Social Media Breakup Coordinator (SMBC) is an exhibition examining how much of our lives we live online, affected by algorithms, and the messiness of human interactions in digital spaces. Inspired by Caroline Sinders’ previous day-long performances, this exhibit expands to explore topics around social media interdependence, infosec, IoT, privacy, intimacy, and our mental health. 

Part performance art piece, part digital security training, and part arcade, Social Media Break Up Coordinator takes over Babycastles for a month featuring video games, artworks, zines, workshops, and panels on topics such as online harassment, Tumblr, sex, and art.

As per the original performances, Social Media Breakup Coordinator offers 15 minute sessions in which Sinders sits with participants, after they answer a quiz, to help algorithmically sort their digital lives, as a media consultant/therapist. This project offers real advice to participants but also explores issues in our current labor market and gig economy: can we or should we outsource our pain to an emotional therapeutic Taskrabbit?

Social Media Break Up Coordinator explores all of the complexities, awkwardness, pain, humor, and love of offline and online lives, and how they are intertwined in social networks. We hope visitors will explore their specific needs for the platforms we have become dependent on and begin identifying solutions to improve their personal relationships with technology.

Social Media Break Up Coordinator features work/appearances/talks from:
Fei Liu ~ (
Molly Soda ~ (
Merritt K ~ (
Harlo Holmes ~ (
Janus Rose ~ (
Sarah Aoun ~ (
Salome Asega ~ (

~*/~ in the arcade ~*~
Wrong Box by Molly Soda & Aquma ~ (
Museum Of The Saved Image by flan ~ (
Yet Another Exhausted Day by Candleman Games ~ (
Attack Of The Terms And Conditions by Mace486 ~ (
Wonders Of The Internet by let-off-studios (
Valentine Doom by DavodUgg & Seb-Zero (

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