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Curated by Prashast Thapan & Somnath Bhatt

This exhibition explores the various meanings of what PLAY can be through gaming and immersive technologies. Play is minimized and limited to certain bodies– What are other more inclusionary forms of play and art? Who makes the rules? 

Games function as systems of imagination that express aesthetic and ideological points of views. The player’s interactive experience with a game catalyzes imagined spaces, feelings and personhoods existing within and beyond our present lives.

This show aims to bring artists together to cross-pollinate — culminating in a series of collaborative interactive pieces.

Show includes collaborative works by: 

Kali Kraemer, Matt Dan , Noé Garcia 
Emma Dold, Thu Tran 
Alice Yang, Zarina Muhammad 
Ayqa Khan, Rafia Santana
Anna Anthropy 

Later Event: August 9
Pixels x Paper