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Love Speech | NYC Launch & Reading (Metatron Press)

"Poetry might be the material from which we can render a new kind of theory, whose interest depends on thinking hard about something hard."

● Xiaoxuan / Sherry Huang ●
● Liz Bowen ●
● jasper avery ●
● Ivanna Baranova ●
● Virginia Woof ●

more TBA!

Please join us for the New York launch of LOVE SPEECH (Metatron Press) by Xiaoxuan / Sherry Huang. Copies of the book will be available for purchase for the very first time!

LOVE SPEECH is an auto-theoretical book that reads both like poetry and an epistle; a textile of literary mothers shot through with cultural-political feelings, threads of conversation, and moments from queer life. LOVE SPEECH takes it titles from an ethics of addressability that Judith Butler originally raises to examine what makes language such as hate speech hurtful. “Our very being exposes us to the address of another,” she says (via Claudia Rankine’s account in Citizen: An American Lyric.) Butler considers the inverse in several conversations, and Huang, too, is more devoted to theorizing and enacting love speech further.

Xiaoxuan / Sherry Huang is a queer writer who experiments across disciplines. Tenderness, gender, utopia, and aesthetics are important considerations in her work. She is an immigrant-settler to Canada, and was born in Shanghai.

This event is situated on the Lenape island of Manhahtaan (Mannahatta) in Lenapehoking, the Lenape homeland.

Metatron Press:

Metatron Press is an independent publisher based in Montreal, Quebec. Since 2014, Metatron has been publishing beautiful first books by noteworthy, up-and-coming authors. Metatron books are cultural artifacts that offer present and future readers access to the thoughts, feelings, triumphs and fears of a new era of millennial writers. Publishing a few books per year in paperback pocketbooks and e-book format, their catalogue boasts an array of quick-hitting, edgy and spirited poetry and short story collections, novellas, and novels.

Aside from their publishing program, Metatron is known for their unique, intimate and emotionally-charged events. Since 2012, Metatron has hosted 50+ readings in dozens of different locations. Aside from their annual writing prize, The Metatron Prize, they also provide emerging authors with digital publishing opportunities through their MicroMeta Instagram series, their OMEGA blog and ALPHA magazine.

Metatron is devoted to the development of a diverse and vibrant literary culture that supports and strengthens multi-generational, multi-linguistic, literary landscapes. They aspire to be an accessible, bold, resilient and spirited addition to the world of literature and to nurture its next generation of writers and readers.