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Livecoding with SuperCollider

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Babycastles Academy Presents:
Livecoding with SuperCollider
Presented by Jessica Garson

Come join us on a Sunday afternoon and learn to create livecoded music using SuperCollider!

SuperCollider is a powerful open-source audio synthesis and composition environment which is freely available for Windows, macOS, and Linux. It provides tools for additive, subtractive, granular, and FM synthesis, along with a dedicated programming language for controlling sound with code.

Jessica Garson, known in some circles as Messica Arson, teaches how to make music in with SuperCollider, Ruby and SonicPi, Haskell and Tidal Cycles, and Python and FoxDot. Workshop attendees will learn to make music in SuperCollider through a wrapper, and will have a chance to perform with their new creations.

$10-25 sliding scale. No one will be turned away