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Infinity, Etc.

An exploration of infinity at Babycastles. 
"Visual and numeric representations of infinity through the eyes of different cultures are the reference for an art exhibition that is also a game. A game made by paintings, coding, video mapping and infinity boxes. 
Join us in our love for visual patterns and accept the quest of looking for hidden numbers across the exhibition site. Each number is capable of transforming our environment in an unique way. Find them all and win a prize."
//// (by Vanessa Rosa, Veronica Natividade, Wenqi Li)

"An open ended interactive experience and reality simulation game. Playing Everything involves traveling through the Universe and seeing it from different points of view"
//// (by David OReilly, Damien Di Fede, Eduardo Ortiz Frau, Ben Lukas Boysen)

"Nurture a small pot of succulents that grow in real time."
//// (by Zoe Vartanian, Isa Hutchinson, Kevin Maxon, Michael Bell)

"A love letter to circles."
//// (by Kenny Sun)

<> 6.8x10^14 FIRST DATES
"A procedurally generated dating game. That means that you'll be dating someone ~*completely random*~, learning about them, and doing awkward first date activities with them. FUN!"
//// (by Emma Lugo, Rachel Smith)

Earlier Event: June 15
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Later Event: September 15
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