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Haunted Golf With a ‘Z’

It is hundreds of years into the future. Somewhere, in the furthest reaches of outer space, a computer quietly blinks to life. LEDs flash and fan motors whirr in the dark of a long abandoned spaceship. It carries a thousand minds, preserved for the ages in software.

Fred Durst is dreaming of Golf.

featuring miniature golf holes by:
Blake Andrews
Sam Bellamy & Prashast Thapan
Flan Falacci
EL Hohn
Karl Hohn
Justin Levinson

featured video games:
Planet Golf by Antonio Savona / Psytronik
Spherical Constitution by Claire Carré, Dennis Carr, and Longxiao Li
Passage 18: Jason Rohrer’s Pro Skater: PHYSIX by atuun
Neo Turf Masters by Nazca
Fight Club by Genuine Games / Vivendi Universal

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