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Character Roulette

( ̄^ ̄)ゞ
Host Jacob Ready puts his favorite NYC performers to the test-- because each comedian on this show has only one week to write an original set for a randomly selected member of the cast!

(* ̄O ̄)ノ
8 comedians rise to the challenge, presenting brand new material never seen before on stage, but only one will be crowned basement king of comedy (nah jk). We’re grateful to bring this show back to Babycastles, NYC’s home for experimental multimedia art!

( ´∀`)
Hallie Haas
Daniel Lempert
Blaise Vacca
Kyle Gordon
Melissa Ulloa
David Andrew Morton
Kenny Hahn
David Barrera

Musical guest:
A Million Shetland Ponies (aka David Benedetto)

Poster by elegant prince Brandon Zelman